xl-bullies is the #1 XL American Bully and XL Pitbull Kennel, and we will prove it to you.ABOUT XL-BULLIES

With an unprecedented focus on the best dogs, xl-bullies stands out from the rest. Each one of our dogs have been tested to the highest degree for structure, temperament and over-all health. We strive to offer the absolute best, because that's all our customers deserve.

There are a lot of 'fly by night' breeders out there, and we do our best to assure each and every one of our customers that we are here to not only offer you an awesome dog for you and your family, but to also make sure that we are here for ANY and ALL questions and concerns. Look, you are spending a lot of money on your dog, and you deserve to have someone here for you when you need them.

We've invested an unbelievable amount of money on xl-bullies. From purchasing the BEST foundation males and females, to designing and creating the best website. A lot of other kennels look amateur. Not xl-bullies! We are a PROFESSIONAL breeding company, and we only expect the absolute best... As you should as well!
Birmingham, 35064
+1815 6007 452
Mon - Friday: 9AM - 6PM
Sat - Sunday: 9AM - 1PM

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